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Originally Posted by YertyL
OK, I think you've overlooked a little detail: SDs cost about twice as much as MCs (or at least much more) - and the Home One owns any regular SD or Mon Cal 1on1 and is larger than the other MCs or SDs.
And why the heck should assault frigates and Neb-Bs be improved? They already own their Imperial counterparts - if at all I'd suggest a boost for the Acclamator, not for the Neb B.
The reason the Frigates should be improved is because the Rebels only got two units. Granted they are both supposed to be 'Capital Ship Killers'. However, since there's also the Vengeance, Aggressor, Kedalbe, SSD and Eclipse, I think it would at least be fair if Rebel units got a boost to hold out a bit longer against all these stronger enemies. Maybe not a boost vs. Imperial ships, but definitely Consortium ships.

Even though the MC Frigate and B-Wing are there, they are still quite expensive. At 4000 credits you might as well build a MonCal and for the B-Wing...700 for only 3 of em considering the fact they get shredded by StarVipers is also not worth it.

Speaking of MonCals, I'd was thinkin of about 2 squadrons accompanying the Hangar. That way it's significantly less than the ISD but enough to keep the MonCal in the game.

So since Rebels obviously can't receive new units during a patch, I figure its only fair to tweak them a little bit.

The Acclamator doesn't necessarily need tweaking but I argue the Home One does (not necessarily in size, but I mean in weapons) because out of the four main heroes (Zann, Ackbar, Thrawn, Piett) it has no offensive weapon, only 'direct all fire' and 'boost shields' and while boost shields comes in handy, direct all fire isn't always useful. It therefore sometimes lacks the firepower to withstand a skirmish for a long time in comparison to the others, and I think maybe a proton torpedo launcher would do the trick.

Actually, even a Hangar would do it; with 1 X-Wing Squadron and 1 Y-Wing squadron (or even A-Wings or B-Wings since Ackbar created B-Wings) - it would definitely make the Home One more competitive. Plus, it would also make the 'direct all fire' option useful for Home One if its just by itself in a skirmish.

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