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The Duel between RSM and Darth Grivis

Again Kudos to igyman for making the Pic

This little battle was based on mine and CSI's battle, whose battle was based on The Duel: A Legacy of the Force by Tysyacha.

Revan and His Allies

Darth Revan-
Race: Human
Age(in game/RP whatever you wanna call it): 14
Occupation: True Dark Lord of the Sith
Wisdom: 55
Strength: 55
Dexterity: 30
Constitution: 45
Lightsaber: Double-Bladed
Color: Red
Apprentices: Bastila Shan

Name: CSI
Species: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Hair Colour: N/A
Favourite Weapon(s): Paired Lightsabers
Lightsaber Colour(s): Silver
Favourite Ship(s): No preferences, because he thinks "Flying is for Droids".
Favourite Force Power(s): Flash step (Force Teleport), Force Sight, and Telekinesis.
Master(s): Darth Traya
Apprentice(s): Visas Marr
Homeworld: N/A
Political Affiliation: Old Repulic, Jedi Order
Occupation: Jedi Master
Allies: Old Republic, Jedi Order
Enemies: Sith Order
Bio: Darth Nihilus didn't die on Ravenger. He was redeemed by the Exile, and changed his identities and name into CSI. Now he's back into action, fighting with RSM. As he's a former Sith Lord, Darth Nihilus, he is too fimiliar with Dark Side, and even resisted Darth Revan's torment and escaped to Nar Shaddaa. Now, he encountered Revan again, and with another foe--Darth Grivis the Great.

Strength: 30
Wisdom: 55
Dexterity: 30
Constitution: 30
Grivis and his "allies"

Darth Grivis the great (Sometimes called Grivis the Unwise by RSM)
Race: Human
Age(in game) 16
Occupation: True Lord of the Sith
Wisdom: 43
Strength: 55
Dexterity: 30
Constitution: 51
Lightsabers: 2 single bladed sabers
Color: Red and purple
Apprentices: Darth Zeorg The Great
BIO: One of the "True Sith"

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