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The Bothan Assault Crusier wasn't developed until about 25 years later. MC80Bs I think were not until after the Battle of Endor I think, and the MC80a may have been as well. Besides I think maybe the basic Mon Calamari Star Crusier covers those well enough. They'd only be slightly more powerful, but maybe if the Tector and Imperial II variants of the Imperial-class were included they'd work out. I think the MC90 would be nice for the expansion and would pwn Star Dstroyer with they're warheads. I could see the Viscount as a hero unit, unless the Executor-class also becomes mass producable in which case the Viscount-class would almost have to be in to counter it, either that or the MC90. MC40s would've been nice I guess, but it's really just a weaker version of the MC80 and the MC30 is more unique. I think maybe the Rebellion could've had Liberty as a hero to balace out the fact that the Empire gets two ISD heroes.
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