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Jana held up the bloodstripes. "Jack, do you know what these are?" Without giving him a chance to answer, she explained. "These are second-class Corellian Bloodstripes. Different from first-class by color; first-class stripes are red, second-class are yellow."

"They are earned by knowing that the right action will hurt, but doing it anyway," the bartender said. "My brother's got first-class stripes... charged into an ambush to give the person he was supposed to be defending a chance to escape. It's a miracle he got out of that alive."

"Shot several times, I imagine," Jana observed. The bartender nodded.

"The doctors were astonished he even survived," he said. "So was CorSec. He's back on duty now..." He smiled slightly. "... no doubt keeping his eyes open for a second-class situation."

"I wish him well in finding it and living through it," Jana said softly. Then, she handed the bloodstripes in her hand to the bartender. "I don't know how soon I'll be back to Corellia." She explained the location of the antique shop to him and said, "Make sure all bloodstripes you find are sent back to CorSec, will you?"

The bartender nodded. "Traitors will pay. The bloodstripes will be returned."

"Finish up your drinks," Jana told Nic and Jack. Then, she shot an odd look toward Nic. "And you... explain to me how you managed to acquire a taste for Ithorian Brandy?"

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