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"That's a story for another day." Nic answered in his usual don't Push it way, which he always did when someone asked questions he didn't want to answer. Nic finished off the glass and placed it on the table. "I'd look after that it's a good year." Nic said to the bartender and turned back to Jana "c'mon lets go."

All three walked out of the bar and headed to the speeder. "Captain Raikelli..." Someone said from behind causing nic to stop and turn. It was an imperial junior officer standing there, on seeing nic he stoppes speaking. "... oh sorry i thought you were someone else." he said as he started to walkaway.

"Wait." Nic said. "Who did you think i was?"

"Captain Kriss Raikelli of the Imperial Dreadnaught Kraith Venon." The imperial replied before walking away.

"So he mae captain." Nic said to himself. "C'mon Beryl and Ry will be wondering where we are."
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