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Originally Posted by Poopdogjr
Damn. Everybody keeps dying on me. Hmmm. I want to keep this going but it would be pointless without everyone else around. Should we all decide some momumental way to end this? Like everyone contributes and we find a kick ass way for this all to end? Or just let it slowly fade away?
I like the concept, not so much the super-powers and ninja skills. I mean, what are the odds a bunch of nerds talking about Psychonauts would have super-powers? Time to save it!
Then as Smon, dead and lifeless, laid on the ground, he woke up.

"BWAH! What just happened?"
"Nothing, you ready to go?"
"Sure am Mr. Mercury!"
"Then LET'S ROCK!"


"Ah! Oh... hey, Purple Squid, I had this dream I was in Queen... and played guitar, and Freddy Mercury was still alive and-"
"You're headless."
"No I'm no-... OH GOD."


"You've been hit by, a smoooooth crim-in-al."

This actually happened.

"So, we're locked up, and and zombies are right outside, and our only weapons are these games at Gamestop?!"

Eh... yeah, this looks real.

Deus ex machina saves a thread again!

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