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Originally Posted by Darth_Ave
Also, kids are growing up much more in the responsibilities and the way their treated. I see little children with cell phones, and labtops, and iPods. I don't have a cell phone, I got my ipod on my 13th birthday(When I became a teenager), and labtops no kid needs until they go off to collage.
Tell me about it. I'm nineteen and out of all the gadgets I only have a cell phone (without a camera), but I see kids that are 8-10 years old acting like they're 13-15 and holding the most expensive cell phones money can buy, etc. Mp3 players seem to have become a standard these days, everywhere I go I see someone with it, all ages. Sometimes it really makes me sick.

*goes to check the prices of mp3 players and cell phones with cameras*

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