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Chapter 13


“Peace is a lie, there is only Passion” recited Atrox, as he went through the wormhole of Hyperspace. “Through passion I gain strength, through strength I gain – “ He stopped, as he felt a huge surge of anger through the Force, the feeling, invigorating. But it was not his anger, but somebody else’s, and somebody extremely powerful.
But it was gone as quickly as it had occurred.

Atrox grunted. “I’m sick of this travelling crap,” he said furiously, getting up out of the pilot’s chair and heading to the back room. His ship was not large, but it was also not small. There was the cockpit, with the pilot and co-pilot chairs, but still able to occupy at least another five, maybe six. Then there was the back room, which had a small bed, supply cache and workbench/lab station. He sat down at the workbench, and took out his lightsaber. Taking it apart, he lifted out the small Jenruax crystal, and pulling out a draw, he lifted out a small blood red crystal. Inside his lightsaber he placed the Quixoni crystal in which he had found on the occupant of a refugee on Nar Shaddaa who travelled from Onderon, who had departed from the city of Iziz.
Suddenly, Atrox was alerted by the sounds of alarms, announcing that he had reached his destination.

“About bloody time,” said Atrox as he walked back to the cockpit, hitching his lightsaber to his belt as he went.

* * *

“Well, well, well” said Bastilla, as herself, Carth, Nom and Jolee strolled down the Ebon Hawks loading ramp, to be greeted by Mission and Zaalbar. “Glad to see you two are still alright”

“Why wouldn’t we be?” asked Mission “ Taris is hardly the place to get into trouble, as you can see” she indicated around her. New steel frames of buildings were being placed around as far as the eye could see, deep beneath them the smog had lifted and for the first time, for as long as anyone could remember, the surface was visible. Looking around, Bastilla noticed something else which was different. Species of all types, not just Humans, were walking around proudly on the upper levels of the city. Ithorian’s mingled here and there with Wookiee’s, Quarrens and Humans as well. A devaronian was just to the left of their group talking and laughing with a thick set Twileik. “That’s good to see,” said Bastilla pointing towards the groups.

“Yes, it is” said Mission looking over “Ever since the destruction and the departure of the Sith, a lot of things have changed. And, as much as I hate to say it, the Sith actually did something good for a change”

“What in the Republic would that be?” asked Carth

“Look for yourself” replied Mission, pointing over the edge

Carth walked and looked over to see the smog-less surface of Taris walked back.

“Hmm,” he said, nodding “Guess your right about that, but it did take a Destruction of a whole planet to do that, and for that, im saying nothing else good about the Sith.”

“Right you are, Carth” replied Mission “So, what is the meaning of the surprise in seeing you guys here? Here to help I hope” she said winking, but then stopped as she seen Nom “By the way,” she added “Who’s this handsome devil?” she asked, pointing towards him. Nom, surprised, was about to answer her, when Bastilla broke him off, and said to Mission:

“Is there anywhere where we can discuss this in private?” she asked.

Taken aback, Mission said “Yeah, sure. Just follow me”

Mission led them down the steps of the Docking Bay and into the large street below. The area was cleaner as to when they were last on here, not considering the muck and rest of the stuff they did not want to think about, was off the floor and walls. Mission turn around a corner and disappeared in a doorway to their left, the group (led by Bastilla) followed.

“Take a seat,” said Mission, indicating to a large round table surrounded by chairs.

They each took a seat, and Nom took notice of the surrounding room. Teak wood ran this way and that across the bottom and top edging of the golden panelled walls, and a large chandelier hung from the ceiling.
Bastilla, who was also looking around said “Well Mission, you’ve certainly out done yourself!” she said Impressed

“Oh, its not just this room, we plan to do this for all the rooms, whether they be Upper or Lower. The under city is going to be a place of life; the horticulturalists are down there already planting the seeds of new tree’s bought in from Kashyyyk, thanks to Big Z’s dad. New plants and flowers, bought in from all over the Galaxy, including Duxn and Ithor. Small houses will be built down there, because for some reason, even though there is plenty of room up here, some people still want to stay down there,”

“Perhaps, because they can see the sky; the stars, sunlight and clouds, they feel content in staying down there now”

“Yeah, I guess your right,” replied Mission, nodding “Anyways” she added “As I asked before, who’s this?” she asked again, nodding to Nom “He’s rather cute” Nom looked down at his feet, feeling his face getting warmer and warmer by the second. “Oh, I think I’ve embarrassed the poor guy, and I don’t even know him!” said Mission, letting out a small laugh

“His name is Nom,” said Bastilla, smiling herself, as she looked down at her apprentice “And he’s the reason why we have come here, Mission. It concerns Revan”

“Revan!” said Mission “How would he know what Revan is doing?”

“Let me explain and you shall know the answer to that very question,” said Bastilla. She explained all about Nom, what Revan was doing, and why he sent him and the Ebon Hawk to seek out help.

“So you want us to come and help?” asked Mission

“Yeah, pretty much,” replied Bastilla

“I don’t know if we can do that,” said Mission “We got enough work here as it is, let alone saving the Galaxy for a second time”
“Hey!” said Carth “I got time off from Telos to come and help, so you’re bloody coming with us!”

“Aww, you miss us that much Carth?” said Mission “I still don’t know … what do you think Big Z? Zaalbar roared with approval. “Well, I guess that’s that then” said Mission “As I said, first time we met, “Wherever Big Z goes, I go” and that’s what im going to do this time as well. Plus, I would like to get to know how new friend a little more also,” she added, her eyes flicking towards Nom. He glanced over in her direction and quickly looked away again. Mission laughed once more “Ahh, don’t worry pal! I’m not gonna try anything!”

* * *

Just then, there was a knock at the door and Mission stood up and opened it. The rest couldn’t see who she was talking to, but could faintly hear a woman’s voice. A smooth, calming voice, yet dangerous voice.

“Hello, I have been told that this is where I would be able to find the one called Bastilla Shan. Is she here?” the stranger asked

“Ahh, yeah she is” said Mission “Come on in” Mission opened the door, and I tall woman walked in. A hood, and veil covered most of her face, covering her eyes completely; she was robed in blood red robes with an armoured breastplate, circulating her body.

“You are one of the Exile’s crew aren’t you? Asked Bastilla

“Yes” is all she said

“Well, can I have your name?” asked Bastilla

“I am Visas, the Exile spared my life, even after I had tried to kill him. I was sent by my master as an emissary to do my masters bidding, but by the end. I was along side a new master, The Exile, killing the old one,”

“Have any of the other’s come?” asked Bastilla

“None, that I know of” replied Visas

Bastilla, looked intently upon the new arrival, and something dawned on her.

“You are a Dark Jedi!” she said, springing up.

“I do not wish to fight,” said Visas “All I wish … “ she stopped, lowering her head.

Bastilla did not move, but she was ready in case this Sith made a move.

“All I wish” continued Visas “ Is to see the Exile, one last time. He left before I could say anything and I grudge him for that, but I want to see what I had come to love, before the point of our parting. Certainly, you can understand that?”

Bastilla stayed where she was, but her thoughts flickered to Revan, and at last she understood, she was pretty much the same as Visas. Ofcourse, she was not Sith, but all the same, Bastilla could not help but feel pity for this woman.

“Very well,” said Bastilla “You shall come with us, but remember this: I will always be keeping an eye on you, no matter what. Understand?”

“I do,” replied Visas “But do not fear, I will not do anything – “
She was interrupted by another knock at the door. Mission sighed and went to the door again.

“Are you here for Bastilla,” she asked as soon as she opened p the door

“Uhh, yeah … yeah we are, what of it? Came a male indignant voice. Visas lowered her head once more.

Mission opened up the door and I tall figure of sorts, strolled on in, followed by a red haired woman shaking her head at the man in front of her

“Whoa, a bit late are we?” he asked “Oh great,” he added softly as he seen Visas “You’re here too, huh?”

“Yes,” replied the Dark Jedi

“Ahh, excuse me?” Bastilla piped up “May we get the please of knowing your names? She said, trying to sounds polite, have a dislike already of the man.

“The names Atton,” he replied “Atton rand, and this,” he indicated to the woman behind him “Is Mira, bounty hunter and one foxy lady, if I might add” he said smirking

“Shut it, Atton” Mira replied, frowning at him. “Listen, all I want to do is find Jonas, so I can beat the crap out of him for what he’s done. He took me in, acting all nice, and then he became a miserable, pathetic and annoying old man. Who would strike you down with a lightsaber as fast as look at you. And I don’t take a liking to that!”

Carth leaned across to Nom and whispered, “Man, I like her!” Nom just s******ed. “Hmmph” came Jolee’s reply. Bastilla shot them all a warning glance, and both Carth and Nom stopped laughing immediately.

“You will not do anything to the Exile” said Visas, still with her back to them.

“Don’t be all like that with me, sith!” said Mira angrily “Just because you didn’t get what you were looking for!”

“That’s enough!” said Bastilla, loudly “We will not have any talk of such things on the Ebon Hawk and we will not be having such talk here! Now, things will be a little cramped up if we all go together, but we will fit. And, this journey will be a long and difficult one, and you only come aboard because you want to and you acknowledge the risks involved,”

“Lady, ive been in countless battles with the Exile, facing Sith, Bounty hunters and Dark Jedi alike. And I was in the Mandalorian Wars before that! I think I can handle it,” replied Atton

“Same here!” said Mira

“Very well,” said Bastilla, trying not to sound too disappointed. She was hoping that this ‘Atton’ and ‘Mira’ would not come along, because they might cause trouble with this Dark Jedi, and that would be annoying. The Dark Jedi she could deal with, but these two …
“Are you all set and ready to go? Because we will be departing very soon and it’s a long trip”

“Yes” came several replies

* * *

A little later, sitting in the cockpit chairs, Nom and Carth were discussing the newest arrivals whilst waiting for the order from Bastilla to take off.

“I don’t know about that Atton,” said Nom “He could be trouble”

“I’m not as much worried about him, as I am worried about that Mira,” replied Carth “She’s a fiery one!”

Nom laughed, “Well Carth. With her fiery emotion and your wonderful personality, im sure youse could really hit it off!”

“You think?” asked Carth

“Haha, I was joking,” said Nom, and seeing a little disappointment on Carth’s face he quickly added “But it’s always worth a try is it not?”

“Guess your right” said Carth “That Visas though, She’s a strange one”

“She’s a Miraluka,” replied Nom, peering out of the view screen.

“How do you know that?” asked Carth surprised

“I … “ Nom stopped “I don’t know really, hmm”

“’Hmm’, indeed!” said Carth “You Jedi” he said, shaking his head

“Hey im not a Jedi, yet” came Nom’s reply “Im only a padawan”

“Close enough” said Carth, smiling “Hey, if your planet is in the Unknown Regions, how are we supposed to get there without getting lost?”
“That’s easy!” said Nom “You just … wait” he said, his voice slowly faltering. “I, I don’t know”

“Oh great,” said Carth, pressing on the intercom he said “Hey Bas! Need you in the cock-pit” he leaned back in his chair and then he quickly went to the intercom again he said “Not that way either for all you sick minded people on this ship, and im talking to you Mission!”

Nom laughed “Your hopeless” he said

“Hey, you don’t know Mission, like I do!” replied Carth “And by the way” he added smiling, mockingly “I think you’ve got a admirer!”

“Shut up” said Nom “I don’t even know her! Plus, I don’t want to sounds rude or anything, but … She’s a Twileik, and im a Human, nothing could happen anyway”

“Meh,” is all what Carth said.
Before Nom could say anything else, Bastilla’s voice was said “What is it, Carth?”

“Oh” said Carth “Nothing much, we just have a problem is all. A very, very big problem,” he looked at Nom

“Well, what is it?” asked Bastilla, looking from Carth and Nom “Well?”

“Umm … Carth pointed out just before that …” Started Nom

“If his planet is in the Unknown Regions, how are we supposed to get there without getting lost?” ended Carth

Bastilla opened her mouth to speak, but closed it quickly again. A look of worry came across her face. “That’s … that’s a good question!”

“Perhaps, when we get to the Unknown Regions, we just try and reach out to Revan, maybe he will tell us?” said Bastilla uncertainly

“Maybe,” said Carth “Or maybe, this is a lost cause?”

“Don’t say that!” said Bastilla “Ofcourse it isn’t!”
“Guys!” said Nom, and both Bastilla and Carth looked at him “I will find it, don’t worry. It was my home for seventeen years; I'm pretty sure I would be able to find it”

“I hope so Nom,” said Bastilla “I hope so”

“Should you tell the others?” asked Carth

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, yet” said Bastilla “When the time is right to tell them, they shall know. But for now, I have to back to the Docking officer to tell him we’re ready to go” With that she turned her heel and walked about out and down the corridor.

Nom looked at Carth “Thanks for that, I don’t think ive could’ve told her, by myself”

“It’s OK” replied Carth “You just try and find that planet, otherwise we will have more than just Bastilla to worry about”

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