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Originally Posted by Valter
I strongly disagree, there should be NO changes to the Mon Cal's! They work just fine, besides they aren't supposed to be super-strong. They are outfitted luxury cruisers, not battleships...
I'm sick of hearing this argument. Yes, it works great for canon, but it doesn't help the game at all. The Mon Cal is alright against an ISD but they are absolutely pathetic against Keldabes. I can't work out whether the Keldabe is the most unbalanced pile of crap that I've ever had the misfortune of playing against (that shield leech ability alone is basically a cheat) or whther the Mon Cal has been abandoned by Petro. But bleating on about how the Mon Cal should be weaker than the ISD is totally pointless without coming up with the agrument that Rebel Fighters should 0wn Imperial counterparts. You can't have everything - that's why the ZC is basically seen as mistake by a lot of the peopl on this board, they don't have anything approaching balance.

The rebel strategy is to outmaneuver the enemy, not overpower the enemy (overpowering is the imperial philosophy).
Great. Now all the rebels need is the ability to do so. But they don't. Hence the f**king huge balance problems.

I have played as the Rebels in FOC and they work perfectly...if you know how to use them effectively.
Why is it when anyone asks for something to be upgraded the argument degenrates into some genius saying "you just don't know how to use them blah blah blah". Tell me Valter, is having a Mon Cal cruiser destroyed before it gets more than one volley off by a keldabe, 'working perfectly'?

No it isn't. If that was supposed to happen the Mon Cal cruisers would have a price of 100 and a pop. of 1.
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