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Originally Posted by Valter
I'll tell you again, the rebel strategy in FOC is to outmaneuver the enemy, not overpower the enemy. Besides, the Mon Cal will always defeat a Imperial Star Destroyer in combat because of the "boost shields" ability.

The rebels still have some advantages in the fighter department; The B-wings can lock s-foils, rendering the fighter virtually untouchable by laser fire and increasing the Incidence of bombing runs, A-wings are better than TIE Interceptors thanks to the "lure" ability and X-wings are faster than any TIE fighter (when using s-foils).

I agree with you here but I don't think giving Mon Cal's a hangar bay is the solution. Now THAT would cause balance problems like mass spamming X-wings and Y-wings.

What will giving the Mon Cal's a hangar bay solve? Tell me Specifically ...
The way it was discussed on Petroglyph's forums and stating that now the specs of the ISD are now better than the MonCal and make it more powerful than a MonCal, it throws the game off balance. I will say it again: in the original the ISD's ability was to be able to spawn a lot of fighters, while the MonCal had shields and both ships had the same armament.

Now, the ISD is more powerful as an individual ship and can spawn a lot of fighters, but the MonCal is untouched. That is unfair, because there is no boost whatsoever for a MonCal. I never said MonCals should be able to spawn unlimited fighters, I said they should get 2 squadrons of different fighter-types and once those die they will be replaced. This would not be spamming fighters, but it would make use of the 'direct-all fire' ability (for the Home One) and again balance the game as both capital ships now have fighters and they both have their special abilities (ISD is stronger, MC has strong shields and both have same armament).

In terms of fighters. Having S-foils is fine and all and it makes the fighters better, but not in combat mode. From what you are saying, it would take A LOT of micro-managing to handle the fighters and line them up for an attack-run on ISDs switching back and forth between S-foils. This should not be the way you would have to do it, their advantages should be natural - the S-foils are there for added speed ability with maneuvering around the map.

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