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Bugfix version released, v1.2.8b8

Originally Posted by Darkkender
Hey Stoffe I haven't download the recent versions of the patcher but would you consider adding all of your various tutorials and tricks listed in this thread into a help file that comes with the patcher. Of course this is assuming you aren't doing this already.
I could, provided that anyone ever reads that thing. Otherwise it would just be a dreary waste of time. People (yours truly included) do have a strange tendency of subconsciously filtering out anything with "readme" in the filename whenever browsing for new files to click on.

* * *

On another note I've uploaded another minor bugfix version of the TSLPatcher, v1.2.8b8. It fixes two serious new bugs that managed to sneak into version v1.2.8b6 undetected. Those bugs would cause installation to abort if the dialog.tlk file was write protected, or when copying a 2DA line using the high() token to assign a new value to one of the columns of the new row. Thanks to DarthCyclopsRLZ for pointing out these bugs.

The new version can be downloaded via the link in the first post in this thread, as usual.

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