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Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
I say PS3 will win because of the sheer number of features it has.
Forgot about the price? I don't think you know how many features the Wii has. And I would know, do to the fact that I have one.

Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
The Wii will have crap graphics compared to the X-Box 360 and the PS3.
The graphics are not that bad actually. Maybe compared to the PS3 and XBOX 360. But, they are not that bad once you actually play it.

Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
The Wii's controller is the stupidest idea in video game history.
I disagree. And clearly a whole bunch of other people disagree too. The idea is innovative, and it's great to use.

And why waste your money on a PS3? There is nothing like being able to make burgers or cook meat on your PS3 and double your powerbill in the process. But, hey, suit yourself.

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