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“Wha…?” Beryl gave Ryshana an incredulous look. “I wasn’t doing anything! I was just…” Her eyes narrowed. “Are you implying that I was cheating?”

At that, Oliver suddenly looked up from his datapad. “I knew it!” he said accusingly. “I knew you were cheating during our last game! No one can be that lucky all the time!” He pointed a finger at her. “You owe me 200 credits.”

Beryl’s brow raised. “I owe you? I wasn’t cheating then, and I wasn't cheating now! I never cheat!” She paused, reconsidering. “Well, I never cheat when I’m playing among friends,” she corrected. “Anyway, I just lost. Badly! I couldn’t have been cheating.”

“Bah!” Oliver snorted, then turned his attention back to his datapad. “Well, I’m not playing with you anymore. Cheater.”

Beryl let out a snort and shook her head at Oliver’s accusation, then she looked at Ryshana. She was about to ask her just what exactly she thought Beryl could be doing that was remotely the same as any Jedi tri…. Beryl abruptly closed her mouth.

Does she know? Beryl suddenly thought. She’d been watching those holovids of Jana’s—the ones from ‘Arabelle’ (the same mysterious woman that now called herself ‘Reibe’) for several weeks now. Beryl had been particularly interested in how to ‘hide’ her Force Sensitivity from the detection of others, and had watched and re-watched the vids, but now she began to doubt herself. Maybe it had something to with trying her hand at telekinesis, even though she wasn’t very good at it yet. Well, she could move a salt pot a few shaky centimetres, but…

She studied Ryshana for a moment, but the Jedi’s face remained serene as always. Beryl shifted uncomfortably, feeling nervous and a bit scared. “So… what do you think I was doing?” she asked in a low tone, so as not to be overheard by Oliver.

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