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Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Forgot about the price? I don't think you know how many features the Wii has. And I would know, do to the fact that I have one.

The graphics are not that bad actually. Maybe compared to the PS3 and XBOX 360. But, they are not that bad once you actually play it.

I disagree. And clearly a whole bunch of other people disagree too. The idea is innovative, and it's great to use.

And why waste your money on a PS3? There is nothing like being able to make burgers or cook meat on your PS3 and double your powerbill in the process. But, hey, suit yourself.
PS3 Features: Blue Ray Movies, DVD Movies, MP3 Playback, Ability to connect numerous devices (such as PSP, I-Pod, headset for online multiplayer, and many more items), Burning capabilities, Internet Browser, Photo Viewer, Hard Drive for storing movies and games you download from the Playstation Network, Wireless 6-Axis Controller, and quite a few more I can't think up off the top of my head.

Wii Features: Internet Browser, Photo Viewer, Innovative Controllers (I'll give you that one), Hard drive for storing virtual console games (unless I'm mistaken, and I'm not, you would need one to store those games).

So far by my count it looks like the PS3 is in the lead 9-4 in number of features. And no your precious Wii can't play DVD's.

I think the $600 price tag is more than worth it. Especially considering $600 is way under priced with normal Blue Ray players costing atleast $1000 or more.

You also are clearly not sane if you think Twilight Princess's graphics are even half as good as the graphics for MGS 4.

And just so you know, your powerbill won't go up just because you use a PS3. It doesn't consume any more electricity than the PS2. None of the consoles take up any more electricity than each other. It doesn't take very much to power a console. It would only consume an enormous amount of electricity if you left it on all the time. Of course, you would blow up your PS3 if you did that. Noone is stupid enough to do that and therefore that point is moot.

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