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I totally agree with this. Finally someone who understands it. The bottom line is, The Consortium have totally thrown the game off-balance. And I definitely think the MonCals have been left behind.
Maybe nerfing the Consortium cruisers is the answer to the balance problems...

And Valter, you say the Rebels' strategy is to 'outmaneuver the enemy'. Well, that's very open ended considering the fact that you can do that with ALL sides. There's no special function which allows them to do that so the argument isn't very strong.
Actually, you can't outmaneuver the enemy with every side. The rebel cruisers are twice as fast as their Imperial counterparts for a reason. They are made for hit and run tactics not toe-to-toe slugging matches.

I agree that the Mon Cals are weaker than the Star Destroyers now that they are upgraded, but I don't think giving them a hangar bay is the answer. Maybe increase their rate of fire or increase their shield refresh rate. Maybe they don't need any changes, just nerf the Consortium. They do quite well against Star Destroyers anyway.

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