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Star Wars Roleplaying Mini-Wiki

Here it is, folks. Add stuff, edit stuff, make yourself known, make your character known.
It is meant only for the 'continuation' at the RP forum and is not to be used for independent RPs. This means that everything that appears in moe than two threads but is linked to much further into the past of the forum is allowed. This includes Sith Hunters, Welmin's Cantina, Sith Dominion and recurring characters like those of Flamehart's, joetheeskimo's and Wildjedi's for example.

The idea is to make a database that you can use to easily find information about anything or anyne in the 'continuation' like information on the Ragnarok, the history of Welmin's Cantina, the ideals behind the Sith Hunters.

Redwing, if you are reading this, please sticky this so it doesn't sink into the depths of this forum.
And I'm still waiting for my mod status :P

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