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((if you don't mind, i'm going to "move" Oliver out of the room so that Ryshana can tell Beryl the news without him in there to liven things up. ))

Ryshana could tell that what she was about to say would have more impact on Beryl than she was prepared for. So, Ryshana knew that they had to be alone. "Oliver, I think you might want to go check on those blood samples we gave to you earlier," Ryshana stated to Oliver. Looking down at his watch, Oliver was a bit confused.

"But those samples won't be ready for another hour or so. I don't see the point in-" he started to say.

"Just go check them," Ryshana stated sternly.

"Okay, fine, fine. I'll be back in a minute, though," Oliver stated with mild frustration as he set the datapad on the table and walked away.

Turning back to Beryl, Ryshana then said, "Well, it's not a matter of what I think; its a matter of what I know. Throughout the entire game, I've been studying you to see exactly why you're so 'lucky' when it comes to gambling. And now, I've seen that playing a game of chance with you actually has nothing to do with chance: it has everything to do with skill. Then again, that's all any gambling game is to me as well.

You see, when you know what the value is of the next card that's going to be drawn, the game is no longer a game of 'luck'. When I dealt those couple of games, I used a simple technique that dealt you the second card in the deck instead of the top card. Since you couldn't detect what the second card was, you hesitated, and your game suffered. However, whenever I didn't use the trick, you were able to anticipate and plan ahead on how you were going to play your side deck, if at all.

Any normal person can't play any game of chance that way. Only a Jedi plays a game of chance that way, even if they don't realize it.

And that's not the only proof I have. Earlier in the cargo bay, you elicited a rather peculiar method of repairing that Headhunter whenever you were able to reach for and grab items that you needed without looking for them even while you were busy talking to me. Not only that, I tested you further by throwing off your detection of one tool by moving it with the Force. You subsequently used the Force to pull it within your grasp.

The bottom line is this: you are a Force Sensitive. There is no other explanation for how you've been able to do such things."

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