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Originally Posted by Valter
Maybe nerfing the Consortium cruisers is the answer to the balance problems...
That's quite possible. Thing is, the rebels appear to have recieved the most nerfs, and there was a feeling that nothing was going to be toned down.

I certainly don't remember anything in the patch list that mentioned anything about the Keldabe being brought into line - there was even an upgrade for the Vengeance frigate.....

Actually, you can't outmaneuver the enemy with every side. The rebel cruisers are twice as fast as their Imperial counterparts for a reason. They are made for hit and run tactics not toe-to-toe slugging matches.
I really not sure what kind of point you're trying to make here. Taken literally, you point here makes no sense, as the pathfinding on Star Cruisers (particularly Home One) is awful - the very idea of describing them as 'made for hit and run tactics' is comical. They aren't. In this game, they're meant for shooting things.

I agree that the Mon Cals are weaker than the Star Destroyers now that they are upgraded, but I don't think giving them a hangar bay is the answer. Maybe increase their rate of fire or increase their shield refresh rate.
I must admit, I don't honestly see a hangar bay as being the answer. Home One needs buckets of guns (4 more turbolasers and 2 more Ion Cannons, placed evenly, would be excellent) and the basic MC80s need at least two more of turbos and Ions each. The Boost shield ability is pretty good as it is.
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