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Beryl's heart was racing. Fear was setting in. Fear of discovery, and fear of the 'Force' itself. For moment, Beryl just stared at Ryshana, shocked by what she had just said. Not only did Ryshana know she was Force Sensitive, but she'd been testing her all day. And Beryl found it even more disturbing that she hadn't even noticed.

Detect cards? And move tools? I can't do those things. What is she on about? I can't even move a salt pot. I've tried. Lots.

She shook her head slowly. "Ok-aay," she said slowly. "Those things you're saying I did. I didn't. I mean, detect cards? I count them, sure. Anticipate, possibly. But that's not... that's not using 'The Force.' And move tools?" At this she rolled her eyes in disbelief. "I can't even move a salt p...." She frowned quizically. "Wait a minute... blood samples? What blood samples?"

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