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Well first off welcome to LF!

Secondly, I think you may have posted in the wrong forum but the answer to your question is yes most of them do work on the xbox except the ones that have models in them for some reason the xbox doesn't like them too much. Anyway though if you do want those to work with your xbox 360 you will need to get a product called "xsata" which you can find at your local bestbuy. BE CAREFUL THOUGH, that always has a chance of screwing your xbox up because of the fact that you will be able to get into the HDD and if you delete something that you need in there things will get messy if you know what I mean. The thing I recommend doing is getting a used xbox and getting it professionally modded so that way you will not be that upset and out that much money if you accidently do something that you were not supposed to and besides that it does not cost but $75 bucks to get a regular store bought xbox modded professionally. Anyway though it is your decision and I hope this may help with it. Good luck!

P.S.: Oh just so you know here is the place you probley should have posted.

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