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Ryshana could easily pick up the fear coming from Beryl, and she realized that there was more to Beryl's Force Sensitivity then she first realized.

Originally Posted by JasraLantill
She shook her head slowly. "Ok-aay," she said slowly. "Those things you're saying I did. I didn't. I mean, detect cards? I count them, sure. Anticipate, possibly. But that's not... that's not using 'The Force.' And move tools?" At this she rolled her eyes in disbelief. "I can't even move a salt p...." She frowned quizically. "Wait a minute... blood samples? What blood samples?"
"Don't change the subject, Beryl. I'll explain the blood samples later," Ryshana stated calmly. "By the way, has it ever occurred to you that lying to a Jedi that is concentrating on you is quite difficult? You're lying not only to me but to yourself. You can do those things simply because I've observed you doing them."

Ryshana then frowned for a moment in thought. Then, she came up with a quick idea. "Perhaps you just need a bit of proof so that you can see things from my perspective," she stated. Pulling the deck of cards over to her, Ryshana quickly shuffled and cut the deck.

"Tell me what the top card is, and if you have to, then just make a guess."

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