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Originally Posted by xmovingpicturesx
Is there a program, or website, that rotates sigs? Like, when I say rotate, I don't mean it changes the sig every one and a half seconds, like a slide show. I mean, every time you refresh, it's a new sig. Or, every time you go to a different thread that the user has posted in, it's a new sig. I ask because many forums I'm on, like this one for example, only give a *TOTAL* sig size of 120 or 200 pixels high. Help me out?
I'm not sure if such technology has become common in the internet, but there is you can try that slogan generator site, which generates a slogan for you once every minute or so. Attach their slogan-sig to your signature and it'll change pretty regularly, like you elaborated. There might be more sig-makers using a similar technology, perhaps.

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