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Knights of the Old Republic Resistance

I tried this about a year or two ago and it worked pretty well. So here I go again.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic

With the Republics fleet destroyed at the Battle of Rakatan
Prime, Coruscant was open to attack by the newly returned
Darth Revan, the Dark Lord of the Sith who was thought to of
died at the hands of his apprentice.

Not long after Coruscant fell to Revans Army, planet after
planet joined Revan's newly reformed Empire, either through
force or voluntary consent, even three quarters of the Jedi Order
was corrupted and bent into a new Sith Order.

Fortunately, where there is darkness, there will always be a light,
what was once the Galactic Republic, is now the Rebel Alliance.
Striking from a secrete base, the Alliance stands strong aside the
remnants of the Jedi Order. However this Alliance is still weak and
fears that a spy has given away the coordinates of their current base.

After receiving reports that the Star Forge itself entered hyperspace
toward the Sith Graveyard planet of Korriban, the Alliance uses this
distraction to move base from the forest moon of Endor to the
snow covered planet of Hoth where they will begin to plan their
effort to destroy the source of Revans power, the Star Forge.

Hello and Welcome to the Knights of the Old Republic Resistance thread, my view on what KOTOR2 should of been. Any character (from this timeline) are all open from graps, even the ones that might of died (expect Malak)! If this goes well I shall make this a chapter rpg which will be in the style of the Orginal Star Wars Triliogy.

Picture and/or discription:
Melee Weaponary:
Ranged Weaponary:
Personal Spaceship:

Rebel Alliance Characters:
Frith Tam (Starmark)
Carth Onasi (Pottsie)
Princess Malia Kira(Ambrose)
Jinyon Tir(Ambrose)

Sith Empire Characters:
Darth Caos/Jacob Antilles (Steven)
Darth Revan (Steven)
Ivan Harr(Pottsie)
Bastila Shan (RSM)
Mission Vao (RSM)
Juhani (RSM)
Edash(Jason Skywalker)

Patrick Solidus (Steven)
Major Tyn Halbon(Ambrose)
Tara Keto(John Skywalker)
Benjamin Burn'sley(John Skywalker)

-There is a 3 character limit. I shall add my character profiles when a few people have joined

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