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Name:Darth Revan
Picture and/or discription:Revan wearing mask / Without the mask
Melee Weaponary:Lightsaber (red)
Ranged Weaponary:The Force
Clothing/Armour:Raven robes
Personal Spaceship:The Levithan / Star Forge
Equipment:Sith army
Alligence:Sith Empire
Occupation:Dark Lord of the sith
Background: We all know who Revan is. She won the Mandalorian war for the Republic but was quick to betray them. After being "killed" by her apperantice, Revan returned to kill Malak and reclaimed her title as Sith Lord.

Name:Patrick Solidus
Picture and/or discription:click here
Melee Weaponary:Dagger
Ranged Weaponary:Mandalorian Heavy blaster
Clothing/Armour:Scoundral clothes
Personal Spaceship: The Bird of Pray (personal modified G-Wing)
Equipment:Shield Generator, Stealth Generator and astromech droid, T3-M4
Background: A smuggler who fought for the Republic during the Mandalorian wars. After the war he became a smuggler, transport illegal material from one place to another. Recently he has gained him an astromech droid known and T3-M4 from an abdonded sith facillity.

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