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Ok, i guess i just missed that one little tiny part sorry

This does NOT fit the story line, but I'm just gonna say that Bastila Seduced Mission and she became Bastila's apprentice

Name: Mission Vao
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Picture and/or discription: (listed under Mission)
Melee Weaponary: Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Ranged Weaponary: The Force
Clothing/Armour: Vao's Robes (Based off a Mod by RedHawke)
Personal Spaceship: The Ebon Hawk
Equipment: none
Alligence: Bastila Shan.... (Dark Side)
Occupation: Sith Apprentice
Background: Mission was once a very young girl who helped Revan find Bastila and set her free... and then the Jedi Council Accepted her for Training at the time that they accepted Revan. She went on the mission with Revan and her two other Jedi Compainions Bastila and Juhani.... then when Revan fell to the Dark side she tried to run... but Bastila captured her and converted her to the Dark side.


Name: Juhani
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Picture and/or discription: (listed under Juhani)
Melee Weaponary: Duel Red Lightsabers
Ranged Weaponary: The Force
Clothing/Armour: Custom Robes, made by Revan to congradulate Juhani for her acceptance as her apprentice
Personal Spaceship: The Bird of Prey
Equipment: none
Alligence: Darth Revan....(Dark side)
Occupation: Sith Apprentice
Background: Juhani was a Jedi whom fell to the Dark side, but then was redeemed by Revan... she went on her journey with Revan, and when she saw Revan fall she knew she must follow her

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