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Looks like fun! Here goes, for my first RP

Name: Major Tyn Halbon
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Picture and/or discription: 1.75 meters, brown hair, cleanshaven, caucasian
Melee Weaponary: Onderon vibroblade
Ranged Weaponary: Onderon blaster pistol, onderonian carbine
Clothing/Armour: Onderonian officer's uniform (blue with white sash across the shoulder; rank insignia on left breast)
Personal Spaceship: Shuttle (property of the Onderonian Military)
Equipment: Grenades, comlink
Alligence: Onderonian Marines (Royalist)
Occupation: Officer in the Onderonian Marines
Background: Halbon was born into an Onderonian merchant family. He attended the Iziz Officer Academy after deciding to join the military, and graduated just before the beginning of the Mandalorian Wars as a commissioned Lieutenant in the Onderonian Marine Corps; the branch of Onderon's military specializing in boarding operations and other such Navy/infantry cooperative tactics.

Two weeks after his graduation and assignment to the cruiser Firehawk, the Mandalorian Wars opened up with a brutal attack on Onderon from their base on the nearby Dxun moon. In low orbit above Dxun, the Firehawk engaged a Mandalorian cruiser of similar size, but due to the incompetance of the Onderonian captain the Firehawk was crippled and boarded. Halbon distinguished himself in orchestrating a brilliant defense of the bridge, where the defenders had been pushed back. His direct superior killed in action, Halbon led the remaining Marines in not only succeeding to defend the ship, but pushing the boarding Mandalorians back far enough so that the remaining crew and officers could reach the escape pods.

The pods hit the surface of Onderon just a few miles out of the walls of Iziz. Halbon and the remaining Marines hooked up with General Vaklu, who had led a retreat into the dangerous jungles surrounding Iziz to organize resistance. For the three years of Mandalorian occupation, Halbon rose through the ranks quickly.

When aid from Republic troops led by Revan came to Onderon and swept the Mandalorians aside, Queen Talia was once again instated as soverign of Onderon. General Vaklu began making visible bids for power, and drew a close circle of supporters, such as the famous Colonel Tobin. It is rumored that the rank of Colonel was initially to be given to Halbon due to his service during the war, but that Vaklu denied him the promotion and gave it to Tobin instead because Halbon was such a vocal supporter of the Queen and the Republic.

To this day, Halbon has never forgotten the aid granted by the Republic and Revan during the Mandalorian Wars. He is a firm supporter of Queen Talia, but is unsure of his opinion on the recent war between the Sith, led by his idol, Lord Revan, and the Republic, whose troops fought and died beside him in the liberation of Onderon. Currently, he is on active duty aboard the heavy Onderonian cruiser Titan, where he leads the entire complemement of some 300 marines. He is renowned as a master of fencing, and his ornately crfted rapier-esque vibrosword which he wears in a sheath on his his right hip has become something of a trademark.

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