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Well, you realize how BIG star destroyers are? We are talking something that is something like 1-2 kilometers long....hang on i will get the stats
according to the star wars databank they are 1600 meters long! That over a mile.
And there are proabably miles and miles of corridors and walkways within - that alone would be far too much to compile.
You would have to break the map up into MANY other maps. Perhaps one for each deack, and sometimes two per deack.
At the very least to realisticly do it you would have to make about 60 maps or more.

Now I saw this guy's map of an Imperial Dreadnaught. That was a fine map, but even it was too small. There were only like four decks. Imperial Dreadnaughts are 600 meters long. Thats the size of the Enterprise-D.

If you wanted to map an entire ship in ONE map something like a Corellian Corvette would be realistic, maybe a maruader cruiser, and MAYBE a Nebulon B frigate, which is 300 meters long, you might could break it up though.

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