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Well, looks like we're in need of some Rebels. I'll make my two other characters now then, both Rebs. Just a note, none of my characters are canon, I'm making them all up, hope that's not an issue.

Name: Princess Malia Kira
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Picture and/or discription: 1.64 meters, dark brown hair often pulled back in a tight ponytail, dark caucasian skin, pointed, attractive features
Melee Weaponary: Lightsaber (blue)
Ranged Weaponary: None (force powers)
Clothing/Armour: Ornamental gown of the Royal Kira House of Onderon
Personal Spaceship: The Stardancer, a Rebel Hammerhead-class frigate (like the Endar Spire)
Equipment: Lightweight hidden body armor, comlink, energy shield
Alligence: Rebel Alliance
Occupation: Resistance leader
Background: Malia was born 20 years ago to a very young Queen Talia Kira by means of an unknown father. It was discovered at an early age tha Malia was Force sensitive, which has led many to suspect that the reason Talia keeps the identity of Malia's father a secret is that he was in fact a member of the Jedi Order. The fact that she looks very little like her mother is considered by some to be a clear indication of the father not being native to Onderon, but most people are willing to brush Princess Malia's illegitimacy under the rug; she has remained a beloved symbol of the royal family to the Onderonian people.

Talia refused to allow her child to be taken to Coruscant for training, so Malia was privately instructed within the Royal palace of Onderon by Jedi tutors. Though she was never officially inducted into the Jedi Order, Malia became a very talented Force adept and constructed a functioning lightsaber at the age of 9.

The Mandalorian Wars hit Onderon just as Malia reached her 14th year. She disappeared after the penetration of the Royal Palace by the Mandalorians, thinking many to believe that she had been killed or taken prisoner. In reality, Malia had jumped into the fray along the walls of Iziz. In the midst of the battle, an explosion tossed her off the enormous city walls and into the jungle below; it was only her Jedi training which kept her alive after such a plummet. Crippled by pain at the impact of the fall, Malia limped aimlessly through the jungle, conscious of the predators which inhabited it. A few hours after her fall, Malia was attacked by a family of three wild Bomas. Her lightsaber long gone, she was forced to fend them off with only her hands and the Force. She was near-mortally wonded as one of the Bomas smashed her into a tree with a sweep of the massive leg.

Malia was saved by the downed crew of an Onderonian cruiser, who were being led by a young, brown-haired Marine lieutenant. The young lieutenant and his men killed off the Bomas and a Marine medic gave the princess medical aid. The young lieutenant led his force, with Malia in tow on a stretcher, to the headquarters of the forming Onderonian Resistance. She was kept there for the remainder of the wars.

Though Malia never heard the name of the young officer who rescued her in the jungle, her teenage heart had been quite taken by his image, and the effects of the rescue on her young mind were long-lived. After the conclusion of the Mandalorian Wars and the liberation of Onderon, Queen Talia was reinstated to the throne and Malia as princess. She was sent to Alderaan to study statecraft whilst her mother led the reconstruction process back home on Alderaan. After the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, Malia was never heard from again on Onderon, and once again a grieved public assumed she had died.

Yet again the feisty young princess had decieved Iziz, and had left Alderaan secretly for Telos under an assumed name, where she fought during the Jedi Civil War. After the destruction of Telos (Malia had survived as she had been fighting upon a Republic warship in the battle), she followed the Republic forces in retreat until finally Malak was defeated by Revan. At that point, when Revan returned with an even greater fleet, Malia became one of the founders of the Rebel Alliance, along with Carth Onasi. Now, assumed identity cast aside, Malia serves as a force-adept advisor to leadership in the Alliance.

(edit- for those of you a little slow on the upkeep, the "young lieutenant" is my neutral Onderonian character )


Name: Jinyon Tir
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Picture and/or discription: 1.83 meters, well-built/muscular, shaved head, usually wears a pleasantly cocky expression
Melee Weaponary: Combat knife
Ranged Weaponary: Blaster pistol
Clothing/Armour: Republic flight suit
Personal Spaceship: Republic Starfighter
Equipment: Flight helmet, droid copilot
Alligence: Rebel Alliance
Occupation: Rebel starfighter pilot
Background: Jinyon is Alderaanian by birth by Corellian by choice. He attended the Corellian Pilot's Academy as soon as he was old enough, and had dreamed since childhood to fly.

After his graduation at the age of 21, Jinyon took an enormous loan from the Corellian Banking Clan to purchase a souped-up civilian starfighter, and hired his ship out to merchants in need of escort. His fighting skill quickly became apparent; the first job he was offered resulted in a raid by pirates near the Alzoc III system, and, with his other hired wingmen taken down in the initial pass, Jinyon singlehandedly destroyed 5 pirate fighters, buying the freighters in the convoy he was hired to escort to jump to lightspeed and earning him the title of ace in just one sortie.

Jinyon was honored with the Corellian Blood Stripe by the Corellian government for valor in a contract taken from the Corellian Security Force in which he protected a civilian space construction crew from an Alien League terrorist attack for a full thirty-five minutes before a reinforcing cruiser could arrive to take control of the situation.

At the outbreak of the Jedi Civil War, Jinyon signed up for the Republic Starfighter Corps, perhaps more for the action than for any particular ideal. However, as his time in the Corps progressed, Jinyon witnessed more and more monstrosities committed by the Sith and eventually truly fought for the cause. After the death of Malak and the essential destruction of the Republic at the hands of Revan, Jinyon was one of the first to link up with the Rebel leaders and offer his combat skills.

Jinyon is now one of the leading fighter pilots in the Alliance, second, perhaps, only to Carth Onasi. His cocky, yet aimiable, nature is appreciated by all who come in contact with him.

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