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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
And you did 16 points of battle meditation damage?

Since we'll be dealing with such small numbers, do you want to just make it 12 energy damage and 4 other damage?
I included the Battle med damage in those numbers.

It's easier to split it by saber--if I hadn't rolled that stupid 1 for the first attack, it would have been 4 more points, but it would have been 2 more energy and 2 more physical. It's actually easier for me to do the battle med damage per saber because I just assign the points to the calculator.

The fire damage in that saber--do you have something else there that also does fire damage? If barab ore only does 2-12 points of heat damage, there's no way it can do 19 unless you have something else in there doing fire damage as well. A critical hit would double the damage, but it would be an even number, not odd. I'm just not understanding how you got 19 fire.

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