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"Perhaps now you understand why the Jedi were so insistent on taking you in to train you. They do it for the protection of everyone. Just think about it: you have a reign on a power that is unmatched in all the Galaxy, but you don't have hardly a thought on how to use it. Yet, you still use that power even whenever you're not thinking about it.

For any living creature, your sensitivity to the Force is a great gift. Even the most simple creatures can use the Force if they are among the Chosen of the Force. Those creatures have a tendency to survive in the harshest of conditions and dominate any competition from other members of their species. They can do so because they can use the Force to their benefit.

As for being Force Sensitive, such as yourself, that is a different matter. A Force Sensitive has the capability to use the Force in a great capacity that is unmatched among the Chosen. Before the Purge, every Jedi could be classified as a Chosen of the Force. However, only a select few were truly Force Sensitive. Those that were often found themselves serving on the Jedi Council during the latter stages of their lives as a Jedi.

Being a Force Sensitive actually makes you fairly easy to detect. Using the Force comes naturally to a Force Sensitive, and they often use it without realizing it. The most common signs are enhanced reflexes, coordination, precognition, dexterity, and even some degree of psychokinesis.

And there lies the great danger to those untrained Force Sensitives, such as yourself, that have such a bond with the Force: you use it whenever you can't control it. Just think about it: you get angry at something, and you sincerely want something horrible to happen to whatever the object or person is. Someone like you would be surprised to suddenly see that horrible thing take place because you so intensely saw what was going to happen in your mind that it happened for real.

So, you have to come to the conclusion that perhaps the Jedi were right in the first place. Don't get me wrong: I understand the decision your father made. Its difficult for any Jedi to try to get a parent to surrender their child because they supposedly have some great power, and I can only imagine how equally difficult it can be for a parent to accept that decision.

Either way, however, you need to be trained on how to use the Force, and you also need to learn how to keep things under control. With no control, you will act out on your emotions and fall to the Dark Side."

Ryshana paused for a moment as she looked across the table at Beryl. Breathing in deep, Ryshana thought a bit to herself. Although she was training Cloud, it wasn't much more than offering guidance, and thus, she didn't really classify it as a Master and Padawan type of training. To do so was an enormous undertaking, but with Beryl having such little training on how to use or even control the Force, she was going to need such a bond.

"Learn the ways of the Force, Beryl. Let me show you how to use the Force to benefit yourself and others so that you won't fully realize the danger that your untrained power holds."

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