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Beryl was silent for a long moment. She was afraid. Afraid of Vader. Afraid of what she might become of her. Afraid of the power of the Force. Afraid of what her family would think.

For whatever his reasons, her father had been adamantly against everything and anything that had to do with Jedi. Kept saying that they were meddling, controlling, and not to be trusted. Wasn’t even that surprised when the Emperor had declared that the Jedi had been conspiring to overthrow the Republic. In fact, by all accounts, he had actively believed it, even though Beryl and the majority of her brothers hadn’t. And now, here was a Jedi in front of her, offering to train her in their ways. Rade Quita’an was dead now, but he would have blown a thermo coupling if he could see his daughter now.

She bit her lip. Ryshana had made some good points. What if she did unintentionally cause an accident for someone, just because she was angry with them? And she was obviously putting everyone else in danger if she was ‘easily detectable.’ The Empire was still looking for Jedi like Ryshana. Beryl didn’t want to be the one to allow her to get caught.

It was a big decision, but Beryl slowly nodded. “Alright. Show me how.” She suddenly felt lighter for her decision and let out a relieved sigh. Then she raised an eyebrow. “Wait…,” A slow grin appeared on her face. “I don’t have to call you ‘Master’ or anything like that, do I?”

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