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((OOC: I was thinking the same thing, Stingerhs... ))

"Good," Beryl said to Ryshana. "So, when do we start?" She checked her chrono, then frowned as she realised it was later than she thought it was. "Say, the others have been gone a long time," she said with mild irritation. "Sure hope they get back soon, and that Nic's not in a hurry to leave or anything. I still want to go into the city for a bit. That swoop is calling my name."

"What swoop?" Cloud said, coming into the common room. He was wiping his hands with a cloth, an indication that the engine repairs he had been doing were finished.

"That part I gave you work alright?" Beryl asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah." He gave Beryl and Ryshana a strange look, then shook it off. "So, what swoop?" he asked again.

"Oh, just one I've had my eye on for a while," Beryl replied nonchalantly. "It's on special offer."

Cloud chuckled. "Oh, that one. Jana won't let you off ship if she knows you're heading off to buy that, special offer or not."

"Well, you don't have to tell her," Beryl countered.

Cloud snorted. "I won't have to. She'll just take one look at you and know you're up to something."

Beryl looked surprised. "Am I that easy to read?"

Cloud exchanged a look with Ryshana. "Yes," he said flatly.

"Well, she could at least let us the four of us off to go and get a quick drink," Beryl said. "No harm in that."

"Drink?" Oliver's voice echoed down from the med bay. "When?"

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