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Originally Posted by stingerhs
((starmark2k, Wildjedi, and Steven: i would like to start moving on with the story, so if you folks could get your characters back to the Echo... ))
((Consider it done))

The rented speeder landed just out side the echo. Nic and steven took out the supply crate that was full of the food and drink he had bought on his way to the Drop off. Jana carries a bag that had the part cloud needed, they had stopped off at a parts store. Nic choose that one due to the sign outside which said 'Good quality parts and CHEAP!'. After entering they had discovered the shop had good quality and cheap parts as they had all been stolen from a freighter about a week ago and the owner wanted to get rid of them quick.

They left the speeder outside the ship where the Rental company said they would pick up and walked into the Echo. Nic sealed up the Airlock behind him and began to walk up to the common room.
"So anything interesting happen while we were gone?" Nic asked
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