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Ok. I have a new chapter for you finally. This one is kind of long and again I couldn't resist certain pieces of dialogue that I will leave you to figure out.

Chapter 27
Pulling herself together wasn’t easy and Carth and Caelos weren’t going to let her fall apart. Because of that, Revan managed to help out as they sought a means to get the necessary money to buy the parts they needed for the hyperdrive of the Wayfarer. They had gone to one of the smaller junk dealers who had a good working order hyperdrive generator for a stock freighter Avalonian class. The dealer was a Toydarian who called himself Tatlo and was often seen with a bunch of flies hanging around him. Revan had gone with Carth and T3, disguised as a spacer and the slight stench found them first.

Tatlo was agreeable at first since they were customers. Revan only had to glance around to see that the Toydarian had it made. He told her that he was the only one there in Anchorhead who had one but suggested that she’d buy a new ship since it would be cheaper. The question about funding came about, “How are you going to pay for it?”

“I have twenty thousand Republic credits,” she said in the manner of business.

“Republic credits? Those are no good out here anymore. I need something more real,” Tatlo replied flying to get in front of Revan.

“I don’t have anything else,” and doing what she disliked doing unless absolutely necessary, she waved her hand, “but credits will do fine.”

“No, they won’t.”

“Credits will do fine,” Revan said again with a little more of the Force.

“No, they won’t! What, you think you’re some kind of Jedi waving your hand around like that?” Tatlo waved his hand mocking the manner of the Jedi Mind Trick. “I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’t work on me. Only money.” Then accentuating his points by getting slightly in her face, “No money, no parts no deal! And no one else has an AV-20 hyperdrive I can promise you that.”

Revan had said nothing but gave a slight smile and went to collect Carth who had been looking for other spare parts. “We’re leaving. T3.” She headed out the door to find an alley where they could contact Caelos.

Caelos had just finished dismantling the old generator when Revan contacted him. He sighed as he picked up the comm and said, “Caelos.”

Revan’s voice came over, “We have a problem. We don’t have enough for the parts. Can you check what we have?”

“Wait a minute,” and Caelos went to do a quick sweep of the ship. He reported his findings to Revan.

“Are you sure there is nothing else on board?” she asked.

“A few containers of supplies. The ale that was found in the hidden compartment maybe but not enough for you to barter with. Not the amounts you’re talking about,” Caelos replied.

“Alright, another solution will present itself. I’ll check back later”

“You all right?”

“Yes,” Revan replied and repeated that she’ll check in later.

Caelos sat back on his heels next to the generator he had just disassembled and heaved a sigh. Dustil came walking in and asked what was up. Caelos didn’t stand but reiterated the problem that they had in order to obtain the new generator. Caelos laid out the option that he knew would win money but required daring. It was meant to be a last resort when he said, “The only way to get the money without having to resort to other forms of shady business is to run at the swoop track.”

“Carth, it is the only way but the problem is that there may not be anyone wanting to race against me, er, Lilah Aldstar.”

“You disliked racing the last time we were here and I seem to recall that you crashed the last time,” Carth ticked off on his fingers.

Revan turned her honey colored eyes from him and reverted them to gaze at the people passing through the streets. True she had no stomach for racing but she did it because they had no choice. She didn’t want to resort to bounty hunting and hunting on the sand dunes would take too long. She remembered quite clearly that last race. Something hit the bike and she skidded out of control after crossing the finish line. She managed to leap off but ended up with a few bruised ribs and a nasty scrape that required Jolee to clean it out before administering healing. There were some good things that happened then and she smiled when she remembered it.

I was afraid then and I am afraid now but I have no choice just as much as I did then. Revan pondered some more before turning back to Carth and said, “We have no choice. We have to race.”

“Where are we going to get a swoop bike R-Lilah?” Carth nearly said her name but caught it just in time. “Unless you get a sponsor, we have no chance of getting into the race.”

“Perhaps we can engage in a high stakes…”

“Uh, you cleaned out everyone the last time and I think the bar tenders might remember you,” Carth pointed out.

“Alright but what about dejarik or a game of chance?” Revan was suggesting games that most people bet on and the last one could be a sure bet.

“Maybe we should include Caelos and Dustil in on this?” Carth suggested hoping to get her mind off the idea of racing. He was relieved when she agreed when she didn’t argue but he was also alert. It was a method of hers that she used to get something by pretending to back down and then pounce in for the kill when there was no wiggle room to maneuver.

They just started to set off went T3 beeped something.

Revan looked at the little droid and said, “Not likely. We have nothing of value and that’s our problem.” She turned to lead the way back to the ship and adjusted to allow Carth to come up beside her. They continued down the street until a sight stopped them.

Mamesa wasn’t feeling well. She hadn’t ever since the hamachi moved to Tatooine as a resting point before heading out to one of cultured worlds. They were able to make some money through the maiko who gave demonstrations and even lessons in combat training. Still the heat and the sand got to her and she developed a slight fever. With Tante’s help, she got over the worse but she was still poorly and the house suffered. Still she kept a pleasant face and continued to watch her charges as she had promised and Tante helped.

On this day Tulre was being sent to a weaponry shop where one of the maiko had sent his weapon to be repaired and to obtain some energy charges. He took Morgan with him since they had a huge order of charges to pick up and they hadn’t been outside the hamachi for awhile, not since the maiko Gengi got into some trouble with some locals trying to push them around. The boys had been there and ended up with a few bruises for trying to help out. Mamesa was upset but relieved even though she wasn’t supposed to share her feelings. Who could help but like the four sprats she had running around the hamachi?

They had picked up what they were supposed to and were heading home. They stopped at one of the vendors where Tulre bought some sweet bread. The money he had came from the mechanical gadgets and repairs he made around the hamachi. Lilah helped too even though she wasn’t supposed to but like him, she loved mechanical things. Morgan earned money too by playing the maiko with dejarik and occasionally pazaak. He also learned of a drinking game but he was too young for that but he kept book on the participants. Of course Mamesa wasn’t to know since gambling wasn’t technically allowed. They were talking and munching their bread when they were stopped by a group of young punks who demanded their money.

Revan saw the boys before they saw her but she didn’t recognize them. The taller of the two took an aggressive stance and pushed the smaller one behind him. It was clear that his intention was to ward off the bullies who were twice his size as his hand reached into his tunic, or whatever it was. There was something familiar about him but she could place it. He was tanned, possibly from the suns and his skin was a brown. He has courage, much like Kirabaros, she thought as she stopped. The little one had even messier and darker hair and looked ridiculous holding all that gear as he was being pushed behind the taller of the two.

Carth noticed that Revan had stopped and was watching something so he stopped too. He asked, “What’s on your mind?”

She smiled at the familiar question but it quickly dissipated as she pointed towards the boys. She whispered, “Think we should help?”

“I don’t want any trouble,” Tulre said. He had placed his hand into his sash that was holding his kimono top together. “Now’s not the time.”

The apparent leader, a Rodian, said something that Morgan couldn’t understand but Tulre did. The Rodian said something like, “You want no trouble. You ask for trouble. You have energy charges.”

“They aren’t for you. Leave us alone,” Tulre said, unconsciously drawing on the Force.

It wasn’t enough for the Rodian laughed at him. He replied, “Heh. Little boy think he can tell us to go away.” The rest of the group began to laugh.

A little more forcefully, Tulre tried again, this time in Huttese, “Careful Gendar. The maiko don’t take kindly to one of their being harmed. I’d hate to see you diced before we have to race again.” He smiled.

“The next time we race, I’ll see you eating my exhaust,” the Rodian replied as he walked by. He gave a hard shove to Morgan who fell to the ground as the group walked away laughing.

Tulre called in Huttese as they were leaving, “Yeah and it would be a pain if you have to pay for me.” He helped Morgan up and dusted him off. He picked up the energy charges and handed the blade to Morgan. They continued to walk home and talked in Avalonian. They were brought up short by a woman, a man and a T3 unit. Tulre recognized his father’s friends and T3 wasn’t hard to forget but judging by the look on their faces, they didn’t recognize them. He said in Basic, “Hi.”

Revan was surprised at the little boy’s courage with the bullies. Even more so by the linguistic ability the taller of the two possessed. In response to his question, she responded, “Hi there. You almost picked a fight there with a Rodian. Not a good choice unless you know what you are doing.”

“The tried to pick a fight with us,” Tulre retorted, his green eyes flashing.

“I don’t doubt that,” Reva replied, “What are your names?”

Obeying the instructions that Mamesa gave them, by responding with the maiko names she gave them, “Shang-Li.”

Morgan followed Tulre with, “Chiyo-chan or Chiyo.”

The sands began to swirl around the city of Anchorhead. Caelos was standing in the port looking at the sky and watching the sand swirls. He was looking up and watching the dockhands scurry for shelter. He muttered to himself, “This storm will slow them down.” He shielded his eyes from the blowing sand. His comm beeped and he answered, “Caelos.”

“Receiving a message from Coruscant,” Dustil’s voice came over the comm.

“I’ll be right there,” Caelos replied. He gave one last look at the dock before walking up the ramp to the Wayfarer. At the top of the ramp, he shut the doors and locked them. I hope they find some shelter from the storm, he thought as he walked towards the communications room. He was met by Dustil who bent over the console to show him the transmission.

Carth looked at the boys as they looked at them and thought they looked familiar. It became clear to him as he peered at their manner and the voice they gave their ‘names’ and he gave an inward chuckle to himself. You are clever Kirabaros. He gripped Revan’s arm gently and said, “We should be heading back to our ship. A storm’s coming up.”

“Where’s that?” Morgan asked.

“At the starport, docking block AA23,” Carth replied much to the surprise of his wife.

“You’ll never reach that side in time,” Morgan exclaimed.

“He’s right. Sandstorms are very, very dangerous. Come on. I’m sure the hamachi will have room,” Tulre added.

Refusing help to carry their load, the boys led the way to the gates of the hamachi. Even though the huts looked flimsy, they held up quite well to all types of weather. They led the way to the largest hut to have the door opened by Kimiko. She bowed as they and their guests walked in and closed the door. She watched them with a mild look of curiosity as they almost breached propriety when they forgot to remove their boots. Being a kind girl, she showed them where to store their boots and remained there as Tante came into view and showed their visitors, with the exception of the droid, to the sitting room and shooed Kimiko to get tea. It looked as if teatime would be an interesting time during the sandstorm.

Tulre and Morgan, when they entered, took off their shoes quickly and hurried off to find Tante and tell her who had come. They had left their companions at the landing to be helped by Kimiko and to put away their purchases. Once they disposed of their packages, they hurried up to the rooms where they found Lilah putting away kimono. It was Morgan who spoke, “Guess who we brought for tea?”

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