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igyman: It was intentional when I used Episode one. The nice thing is that Revan finally puled herself together though I think that she may become frazzled when certain persons are beaten and tortured and held as bait, or rescued.The scenes regarding the boys being attempted to be robbed I thought that a good way for some worried parents to see how the sprats are getting along. I do promise that the next chapter involves familiar characters and reinforces the secrets and deception theme and maybe a certain bounty hunter will meet up with a former Sith assassin turned scoundrel turned Jedi?

Pottsie: I write for both sites and really have no preference. I like KFM because there are new fics and it is an archive of ideas for when I compose my absurd diddies. I like the stories too. LF I like because there are great fics here too and they don't have to relate to KOTOR but STar Wars in general. Feel free to read them. The link is in my siggie where it says KFM. That goes to my personal pages. Your favorite HotG is there along with my shorties HoD and other diddies and I believe a poem that I wrote for the heck of it. So enjoy. To post I believe you have to become a member. The nice thing about that site is that you can change the username yourself. I started as JM12 but changed it to Kirabaros.

Don't worry. Some chapters I base off of movies because it fits quite well with my intention of storylines. I do promise that things do get a little crispy and there will be some nagging and lightsaber duels and there may be the start of a war or a prevention. It dependeds on which way the creative genius sways. In the meantime, Check out Blessings of the Written Word for relaxation in between chapters. You'll need it.

EDIT: igyman, no harmdone and I know that you are disappointed. I wasn't even thinking of using a swoop race to raise the money necessary for the parts. I had something else in mind that may involve a little swordplay and all the Wayfarer crew in participation. Let's just say that scum of the galaxy like a little bit of bloodshed.

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