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"It's a letter from home," Jana retorted hotly. "My parents moved, sad to say..."

"You checked mail?" Beryl asked, interested. "Where?"

"Corellian Pride Cantina," Jana answered with a grin. "CMG hotspot. They're crazy over having pureblood Corellians in there... even to the point of free drinks."

"Free drinks?" said Oliver, coming around the corner. "Where?"

"Only if Beryl lets you go with her," Jana answered. "It's a 'CMG member and friends only' cantina."

"Oh." Oliver gave Beryl a smug look. "So I'd have to go with the cheater."

Beryl held up a warning finger. "You want a free drink or not?" she asked, her eyes narrowing. "And I didn't cheat," she added adamantly.

"Fine. You didn't cheat. I'm sorry." He paused. "But I'm still not playing with you anymore."

"CMG, huh?" said Beryl. "I'm there. Need to check my messages, too. And some other stuff."

Jana raised an eyebrow. "Beryl," she said reproachfully. "A person is typically accused of cheating during a gambling session..."

"Oh, great. Here come the demerits..." Beryl said under her breath. "Jana, I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. I was weak. We played a game of cards. But I didn't cheat. I lost. Cheaters normally win, don't they?"

"Whenever you gamble, you'll eventually loose," Jana answered solemnly. "Even when you cheat."

Beryl closed her eyes in frustration. "I don't cheat..." she said quietly. "At least not on purpose."

A flicker of understanding passed through Jana's eyes and she did not accuse further. "Go check your mail," she said quietly.

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