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Gargantuan (especially in raid fleets)

OK, does anybody else have a feeling that old Garn is just too hard to counter?
I mean, this unit has:

-Heavy and rapidly regenerating shields
-better-than-average speed and manouverability
-the heaviest weaponry of all units in the game (arguably)
-the ability to waltz over anything (only exception being the AT-AT AFAIK)
-a commander bonus and transport capabilities

Now while the ZC has some weapons that can bypass shields and thus eventually destroy the Gargantuan (e.g. Canderous tanks, mobile rocket launcher, MDUs), the Empire has about 1 unit that is able to harm it, the DT3, and that is a tech lvl 5 unit that can only be produced at one planet at a time - in short, a very rare one.
Every Rebel player with some micromanaging capabilities will IMO have no problem keeping the G.'s shielding constantly up, as even numerous AT-AT salvos won't depleet the Gargantuan's shields before it has time to retreat.

I'd suggest making the G. unable to participate in raids, at least limiting the planets at which an Imp player can be attacked by the unit.
I'd also suggest somewhat decreasing the G.'s shielding and/or shield regeneration, so that at least concentrated fire has a chance to damage it before it can retreat again, and perhaps slightly lowering its speed to decrease the effectiveness of hit-and-run as well as waltzing attacks.

What do you think?
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