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"Well when we get some i'll let you know," Nic replied. "Our only contact left on coruscant is currently serving time at his Emperors pleasure."

"Ooh, ouch," Beryl cringed. "So, no contact, no cargo, no job. Great." Although, she wasn't that upset by the fact that they were not having bulky cargo in the bay where she was planning to store her bike. "Well," Beryl sighed wistfully, "I suppose we'll just have to keep an eye out for one when we're out and about, if the opportunity presents itself. Something lucrative, yet... compact."

Heading back out into the common area, Ryshana then said, "Well, I'm ready when you are, Beryl."

Beryl grinned. "Right then," she said to Nic, Jana, and Jack. "We'll see you guys later." She turned to Ryshana, Cloud, and Impe. "C'mon. Better check mail first. We'll share a taxi to the Corellian Pride Cantina."

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