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As the waitress sashayed away, Raze glanced askance at Zam. "Think you made an impression on her," she said to him. "But stay sharp."

She nodded over his shoulder. A man in a red jacket had just entered the main cantina from a side door near the stage. "There's our contact."

The man walked the long way around, his stride non-chalant but vigilant. As he moved, Raze could tell he wore a shoulder holster, but couldn't tell if he was heavily armed or not.

"He's scoping the place. Checking to see if I've brought any more than two," Raze said to Zam and Rita. "Phee is always very careful." Then she frowned. Patrons standing near one of the gambling tables were obscuring her view of the man. "Can either of you see what he's packing? Be subtle, though. I don't want him to think that we're that curious."

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