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Beryl grabbed her holster, one of her blasters, some loose credits, a couple of credit chips, and the special chip that she used to access her trust fund.

"Don't leave without me!" she called out to Cloud as hurried down the corridor. As she slid excitedly down the ladder to the cargo floor, she could hear Oliver and Ryshana coming down the corridor behind her.

"C'mon you guys!" Beryl called to them. "Taxi's waiting!"

"What's the rush?" Oliver asked her, taking the long way around the catwalk to the stairs.

Beryl looked at her chrono. "I don't want to be rushed at the bike shop," she said. "I want to take my time."

Oliver paused on the steps. "And I like to take my time drinking my free drinks."

"Fine. While you're drinking, I'll go shopping," Beryl said. "Now, c'mon!"

She dashed outside, leaving Oliver and Ryshana behind.

Oliver shook his head and looked askance at Ryshana. "She is 34, not 14, isn't she?"

Outside, Beryl was about to hop into the cab, when she noticed Jana's rented speeder getting taken away by a rental company employee. "Crap. We could have taken that back for them, if I had known it was there," she said to Cloud. Then an idea hit her. "Say, Cloud... you're pretty good with swoops, aren't you?"

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