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Ulim flashed a Sangheili smile at Hergat before returning his graze over the partons. "I'm lost, Hergat, and trying to find a way." he said taking up the ale bottle Hergat had given to him since Sangheili couldn't drink out of cups.

The Rodian looked confused, but didn't push anything about it. Instead, he asked "What brings you to this old place? Hasn't changed much, only I've had to open it to a wider range of partons due to bad bussines lately."

"I'm looking for infromation on Imperial patrols. I'm part of a crew now that wants to get by unnoticed." Ulim said and then emptied the bottle in two gulps.

Hergat chuckled and said "I don't recommend doing that. Some people here take pride on how fast they can empty a bottle. Anyways, about this crew, are they a respectable bunch? Or are they barely tame like Ldha?"

Ulim winced and said "Please don't metion her again, please. They are respectable ones, although I imagine, how do humans say this, 'that they would have have a hard time putting on their own diapers'."

They both started laughing at this, although Hergat looked a little sad at what Ulim's request ment. Then Ulim started again saying "They are a good bunch, reguardless of what anyone says."

Hergat relaxed himself and said "Well, I'm sure they'll do fine if you're with them. As for Imperial patrols, I'll check my sources and see what's open. In the meantime, the drinks are on the house you old Split-Lipped geezar." They both started laughing at that.

"You're lucky you're one of my best friends." Ulim said laughing before downing another bottle.
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