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Originally Posted by starmark2k
"It is definetly made of metal." Zam said before the conversation went down a road that would have made him unconfitable. "but it's quite small... the Knife i mean."
Raze let out a disappointed sigh. "Figures."

She watched as the man discretely passed a small package to a large tough-looking Corellian standing near the door, a bounty hunter by all accounts, then with the exchange done, he began to make his way towards their table.

"Well, that was interesting," Raze commented over her ale. "Either we were meant to see that, or Phee is getting sloppy. Ok, get ready. Here comes Phee's man."

"Ms. Tarn," the man said as he approached the table. "Mr. Phee is ready to see you and your..." He eyed over Zam and Rita, quickly, but with a detailed eye. "...guests. If you would follow me, please?"

Raze nodded politely, but as she rose she gave Rita a reproachful look, warning her with her eyes to keep quiet. She motioned for Zam to take point, she followed, and Rita took up the rear as the three of them followed him towards the side door by the stage.

Barrus Phee’s office was elegantly and richly decorated, but a bit ‘overcrowded’ for Raze’s tastes. The floor was covered in luxurious carpet, expensive artwork covered the walls, and unique artefacts were displayed under lighted glass.

“Reisa!” The balding and fat Barrus Phee, dressed in the very latest of Corellian designed formal wear and with a bejewelled eye patch over his left eye, rose from behind his desk and greeted her warmly. “It’s been a long time.”

“Indeed,” Raze agreed. Time for some pheremones, she thought… “A very long time, Barrus.”

“And I see you are looking as lovely as ever,” Phee said to her.

“Thank you.”

Barrus slowly eyed Raze over, then Rita, and lastly, and very quickly, Zam. “And, I see you brought company, too,” he said, his eyes lingering over Rita.

“I did,” Raze said. “This is Zam, and… Rita,” she said, looking at each of them respectively, her gaze lingering on Rita a bit longer. “They won’t be any bother.”

“Of course not,” Barrus replied, nodding. With hands adorned with jewelled rings of gold, he gestured for them to sit down in plush, overstuffed chairs set out in a semi-circle facing the front of his desk. “Please, sit down. Make yourselves comfortable.”

The three sat, and then Raze understood why the chairs were so plush. They were too soft for any quick or surprise movements.

“I understand that you are looking for work of a more… ‘delicate’ nature than what is usually offered on Nar Shaddaa,” Barrus started.

“Discrete and delicate,” said Raze.

Barrus grinned slyly. “Discretion is my speciality, my dear,” Barrus said smoothly. “Unfortunately, I only have three possible transportation contracts at the moment. Business being what it is with the Empire in control.”

“I have no real problems with the Empire.”

“Ah,” Barrus raised a perfectly manicured index finger. “But you do have a real problem with cash flow, am I right?”

“We could all use a little extra cash flow,” Raze answered coolly. “But I’m not short on …tangible assets. They’re firm enough where they are.”

Barrus coughed slightly. “Yes... of course they are.”

“But I am interested in keeping my crew occupied. ‘Idle hands make dull work,’ and all that.” She smiled. “Hands need to keep busy in order to maintain their skills.”

“Indeed.” Barrus shifted in his chair. “Erm... may I offer you and your companions a drink?”

“I’d rather you offered me something else,” Raze said seductively.

Barrus cleared his throat.

“Something firm,” Raze said.

Barrus pulled out a handkerchief and patted the sweat from his brow.

“Like a guaranteed transport contract,” Raze added.

“Erm…yes. A contract….” Barrus cleared his throat again before continuing. “I think I might have something that you might like.”

“I’m sure you do.”

Barrus began to blush. “I have a very wealthy, very anonymous client on one of the Core Worlds that is extremely interested in the work of Venthan Chassu.”

“One of my favourite Corellian artists,” Raze said. “His ‘Selonian nudes’ in the Coronet City Museum of Fine Art on Corellia were very well received by the critics.”

“Indeed?” Barrus clicked a switch on his desk, and a fan began to blow cool air into the room. He stared blankly at Raze for a moment, then blinked a few times. “Erm… where was I? Oh, yes. I have recently obtained a collection of some of Mr. Chassu’s earlier works. Works that would need to be delivered to my client discretely, of course.”

“Of course. And, how ‘discretely’ are we talking about?” Raze asked.

“Eight thousand.”

Raze frowned slightly. Eight thousand was just not enough. “I was thinking more along the discrete lines of twenty-five. Business being what it is with the Empire in control. And surely your very wealthy client knows that discretion and anonymity can be very expensive.”

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