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The second Rita opened her mouth, Raze knew there would be trouble...

"What is this?" she demanded, hands on her hips and glaring furiously. "Are we to be so lowered to skrang as to cart about some dust-happy fool's paint splashings?

She turned to Raze. "Raze, you know we deserve a better job than that."

"Not going to be any bother, are they, Reisa?" Phee demanded indignantly.

"Tell him we want a better job," Rita ordered Raze, ignoring Phee.

"I can hear you just fine!" Phee snapped. Rita turned and flashed him an innocent smile.

"Oh, could you?" she asked, mimicking her innocent smile in her voice.

"People on Corellia could hear you fine," Raze muttered. "Please, Rita. Let me handle this. I don't need any suggestions from the hired help."

"Ha!" Rita laughed. "You really believe that?" She turned to Zam. "She really believes that?"

Raze's coloring flickered blue and she retorted, "Things were going just fine until you opened your big Corellian pie-hole!"

Phee stood slowly, frowning at Rita. "You want a different job?"

"Yes!" Rita exclaimed, just as Raze shouted, "No!" flushing violet briefly.

"Very well," Phee answered, raising his eyebrows. "I've got just the job."

"Start counting your credits," Raze growled softly at Rita. "You'll soon owe them to me."

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