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What do you mean exactly? The Rebels tech up just fine to level 5.

I even posted a fix in the mod forum to have the Rebel Gallofree Transport actually work at tech 5 also in GC mode.


if you see this in the maps xml

player is Underworld

Starting_Credits> Rebel, 8000
Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 2
Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4

Then the Rebels are not meant to get to tech level five in teh 'heart of the Maw' GC map.

player is the Rebels

!-- Rebel Starting Forces -->
Starting_Credits> Rebel, 13000
Starting_Tech_Level> Rebel, 3
Max_Tech_Level> Rebel, 4

Yes, it says maxed out. But that is just the default start setting it shows in the Advanced setting menu.

But in game, I can still tech up to level 5 stuff by stealling using the Droids.
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