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Glad to see the downloads are still going, good job guys keeping it running

I dont know if anyone else has pointed this out, but using an online archive of the internet you can sometimes find pages that google has not cached.

For example:

Essentially its the same as using googles cache, only its a tad more user-friendly and closer to the old PCGM we know and love. It does however sometimes randomly seem to give an SQL error even though the page is there.

I've just noticed it also seems to have only upto page 2 of TSL mods, and 6 pages of KOTOR I mods. I've managed to find a couple of downloads that i couldnt get purley from googles cache (i could find the mod numbers, but no filenames). Interestingly though, the pictures advertising other mods (located at the bottom of a screen when viewing a mod) always take you to the mod it shows. So if you have the time you can keep refreshing untill it shows you a link to the mod you are after. I think.

While i'm here i'll put up a link too, just to ensure my post isnt pointless

Darth SINner, here is v1.0 of the force flame mod. Not sure if there was a newer version but its better than nothing
Download Link:
Page Cache:

And incase anyone else was looking for Allronix's Dialouge Pack:

And sorry if the part about the web archive is useless, but it helped me so i thought it might help others.
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