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A few minutes after their little talk, Hergat had left to get the info that Ulim wanted, and a gang of young male humans walked in liked they owned the place. Ulim ignored them at first, as they kept to themselves, but then they started to get aggressive. It was small things at first like rude remarks to the female Twi'lek waitress and other partons who happened to walk by. Then when they started to get their drinks things got bad. They made lewd remarks to the waitress and taunts to the other partons, so the partons started to leave. And then they said that they weren't paying due to 'unsatisfactory service.' When waitress began to tell them off and one of them grabbed her arm and brought her in close to him, Ulim had taken enough.

Ulim walked over to them and said "I'm going to have to ask you all to leave, humans. Either that or I'll have to remove you myself."

They looked at him and sneared, the one holding the Twi'lek's arm saying "Go to you master, you Split-Lipped slave." And then they began to laugh at him. Of course, they weren't laughing when Ulim grabbed the man by the neck and tossed him straight across the cantina and out the window.
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