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Hockney: umm no...I mean how hard is it to do a pullup? Unless you're Reelo, but that's quite out of point
There's a big difference between doing a normal pullup on a bar and doing one hanging off the edge of a cliff because your right up against the cliff face and can't use the leverage of being under it like you can with a bar, so its alot harder. its also a matter of having the strength and coordination to grap the ledge in the first place from any jumping or falling angle. further more, would you be able to do a pull up on the edge of a cliff with 30 or more extra pounds on your back for weapons or items?

I find it can be a little annoying sometimes too though. Perhaps we could do it like Thief? ie. ledge grab / mantle by holding Jump key while in mid air. Yeah I know it's being used for Force Fall, but it could be used at the same time for ledge grab too, since both are not directly conflicting moves
Thats not too bad an idea either. If it were buyable, maybe different levels of it could be based on if you can grap a ledge at certain falling speeds and really cheap intially?

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