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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
I would prefer a button for it though. There's just too much frustration about doing it automatically. Jump would work, but it might be more intuitive to have a button like crouch do it since then you'd be able to jump up the side of a cliff without grabing it if you dont want to grab it.
Jump seems more like what other games use. I don't really think that people need the ability to jump over a lip of a ledge like that. It's not like ledge grab takes THAT much time. Besides, if they want to get up fast, they can back up and take a leap like in real life.

Well, we dont have using your feet animated in the animation. And, it depends on what your foot holds are and if you can reach around something at the top of the ledge. If its just flat at the top it can be hard to push against he cliff with your feet and keep a good grip. But yeah, it really depends on the cliff itself.
True, we originally were going to have a Merc and a Force User pullup animation, but the merc pullup was never finalized.

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