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[FIC]The Mandalorian Wars

Thanks to D'Albetot for making the pic.

Star Wars

The Mandalorian Wars

It is a great time of peril within the Republic.... The Mandalorians are attacking the Outer Rims. Carth Onasi, and his mentor Saul Karath, request that the Jedi help them to destroy the Mandalorians. The Jedi Council unsure of their intensions, debate on whether or not they should help for fear of some Jedi falling to the Darkside.

Revan, a Jedi Knight, disagrees with the Council's debatings. He gathers up hundreds of Jedi, including his best friend Malak and his brother Doshin, to go to the Outer Rims and attack the Mandalorians. But, a sixteen year old padawan named Bastila, was warning the Jedi not to go into battle, to heed the Council's warnings. Revan refused to listen to his friend, who in the Jedi Civil War fell in love with him.


"Do not go to the Outer Rims and fight the Mandalorians!" Bastila warned in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine... "The Council said not to!"

"I don't care Bastila," Revan said putting on the mask that Master Kreia had given him, when he had decided to leave the Jedi Order.

Wait, Revan, I'm coming with you!" An old woman said running out of the Enclave.

"Kreia?" Revan asked, suprisedly. "You want to go?"

"Yes, an old woman can't go?" Kreia asked.

"No, now that's not what I said, I just asked why you wanted to go." Revan replied.

"There are many reasons... to destroy the Mandalorians is one." Kriea replied.

"Good-bye, Bastila, my friend, I will see you when the War is over." Revan said slipping on the Robes that he made, over a black Jedi robe.

"Fine Revan, but when you fall to the Darkside, you can't say I didn't warn you." Bastila replied.

What Bastila didn't know though was that Revan had already fallen to the Darkside, but he hid it from the Council.

The four immedately left Dantooine and went to Dxun.....

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