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"That we have," Raze said to Barrus Phee. But before she broke her handshake with him, she said, "But, we haven't agreed on terms yet, Barrus."

"The usual twenty-five percent up front," Phee said. "The rest on delivery. Same as last time."

"Barrus, the 'last time' was quite some time ago. You need to account for inflation." Raze grinned softly. "Thirty percent."

Phee hesitated, but after some internal debate, he gave in. "All right. Thirty. But only because it's you," he added.

"Always a pleasure doing business with you," Raze said, then released his hand. "I'll send you my account details before we leave."

Raze bowed her head politely, then nodded for Zam and Rita to follow her back out to the main part of the cantina.

"Zam," she said without looking at him. "What's thirty percent of fifty-eight thousand?"

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